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Re-engineering or reverse engineering implies changes of various types and depth to a system, from a slight renovation to a total overhaul. Some of the typical challenges our clients have:

  • A system was developed for us, but we'd like to change several things, namely improve the system's functionality, usability, security, stability and performance; change the system's architecture or adjust it for another platform. Unfortunately, we don't have the detailed documentation on this system or a knowledgeable enough staff. How do we implement the desired changes?
  • We have three systems with roughly the same functionality, which work on different platforms. As these systems supplement each other, users have to use all three of them. This makes their work more complicated (starting one system means first shutting down the other two) and adds a lot of extra work for the system administrators (when a new user is added, the data must be copied to all three systems). We want to have one system instead of three.
  • We have a best-selling software solution and received an order from a major client to modify it. However, no company wants to undertake its maintenance. What shall we do?
  • A software component was written by someone who is no longer with the company, and there is nobody capable of working on the system's maintenance. There is no documentation or comments in the program. What shall we do?

Avante Technology Centre provides solutions that attend and address to such like requirements.

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