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We, the members of Avante, having solemnly resolved to provide services towards management of projects, human resource and business processes, of unmatched standards aspire to provide its beneficiaries:
  • an Association to be proud about;
  • an Achievement to rejoice about;
  • a Relationship to vouch about;
  • a Reference to provide about and
to Promote amongst us the spirit of togetherness, so that the outcome of our pursuits are the projects, human resource and business process for the course they are meant for;

this Nineteenth day of March, 1999, do hereby adopt , enact and give to ourselves an organisation which has care and concern for its stakeholders.
Be a reference company in Globe for Efficacy, Efficiency and Economy as a Business Facilitation Service provider with a high-spirited level of dedication and sincerity.
To establish a single window for the corporate entities to obtain expert consultancy services towards their business needs.
To sense the scratch of an idea from client ; and realize it into an edifice of their visualization.
To make arrangements to :
  • Identify the provisions and constraints of client, so as to serve them to their satisfaction and delight, in the spirit of togetherness.
  • Enable a Fast, Creative and Collaborative environment - where values like Integrity, Innovation and Commitment get appreciated .
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