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Market Research @ Avante acts as the link between the consumer / customer and the marketer. Operationally it involves :

  1. Formal collection of information / data
  2. Collation and tabulation
  3. Analysis of the results
  4. Communicating the findings
  5. Inferring on implications in terms of marketing actions
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Data Collection and Collation Evaluate the market trend on Product, Brand and Customer
Experiment Validation Examine competitor strategies and Prepare for competition
Demand Potential Study Device product Placement strategies
Socio Economic Survey Design Launch and Promotion strategies
Study on Industry, Products & Customer Gauge Performance of product and brand
Brand Tracking Study Device measures to attend to needs of target segment
Campaigns – Awareness & Promotion Monitor the success & progress of on-going exercise vis-à-vis marketing of products
Pre & Post Campaign Efficacy Feedback Decide upon Exigency measures, Contingency Plans and Corrective actions (where required)
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1. Data Collection
  • F2F : Face to Face
  • CATI : Telephone Surveys
  • DI : In-depth Interviews
  • FGD : Focus Group Discussions
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Desk Research
  • Mail Surveys
  • Inventory Studies
2. Data Management
  • Coding-Editing
  • Data Entry
  • Electronics Logic Tests
  • Regular Form Designs
3. Market Research & Field Survey
  • Consumer & Industrial Products
  • Consumer Research
  • Export Potential Studies
  • Corporate Studies
  • Traffic Surveys
  • Healthcare Studies
  • Demand Potential Study
  • Customer Satisfaction Study
  • Image Perception Study
  • Product Launching
  • Brand Tracking Study
  • Data Verification
4. Advertising and Media
  • CLT : Central Location Test
  • Ad-Impact Studies
  • Shop Observations
  • Group Discussions
  • Product Promotions
  • Mystery Shopping
5. Management Studies
  • Location Studies
  • Retail Outlet Studies
  • Pre & Post Sales Studies
  • Dealer Evaluation Studies
  • Dealer Identification Studies
  • New Product Development

In order to carry out effective research program, we insist to:

  1. Prepare a list of objectives to be examined
  2. Avoid
    • Vague terms of reference
    • Trivial research projects
    • Research where underlying purpose is unknown or with held
    • Ensure concurrence about the terms of references among all concerned. [specially research objectives, plan of data collection, time and budget]
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