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Field Research is undertaken at Avante to collect primary data though online / offline means.
We are ambidextrous in Online as well as Offline research and surveys. There are defined structures and operative systems in place and practice, so as to attend and address the requirements when a survey is commissioned.

Field Research @ Avante is to have first hand feel and for determining the market pulse - prevailing situation to base marketrs' strategic decisions upon. It is to assist in devising methods and producing goods / services in accordance to the prevailing and projected market sentiments. It is essential to learn about emerging market trends. It includes - Field Survey (goods/services, consumer/customer), Collection & Collation of Data, Experiment Validation, Presentation and Evaluation of information.

We at Avante undertake market research and field surveys, for various sectors and segments towards Industrial research and surveys, Consumer research and surveys, Techno commercial feasibility reports and viability reports. We attach great importance to quality, confidentiality and cost competitiveness. We have all India competencies. Right blend of experience and enthusiasm is avaiable with us, and their spirited performance shall merit your kind considerations.

Field Research @ Avante provides the necessary primary information about the consumer to the marketer. In the process we :

  • identify new opportunities in the market
  • evaluate and monitor marketing actions, trends, impacts and consequences
  • evolve better marketing programme to serve the interests of the consumer
  • determine areas of attention, provisions and limitations.
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1. Data Collection
  • F2F : Face to Face
  • CATI : Telephone Surveys
  • DI : In-depth Interviews
  • FGD : Focus Group Discussions
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Desk Research
  • Mail Surveys
  • Inventory Studies
2. Data Management
  • Coding-Editing
  • Data Entry
  • Electronics Logic Tests
  • Regular Form Designs
3. Market Research & Field Survey
  • Consumer & Industrial Products
  • Consumer Research
  • Export Potential Studies
  • Corporate Studies
  • Traffic Surveys
  • Healthcare Studies
  • Demand Potential Study
  • Customer Satisfaction Study
  • Image Perception Study
  • Product Launching
  • Brand Tracking Study
  • Data Verification
4. Advertising and Media
  • CLT : Central Location Test
  • Ad-Impact Studies
  • Shop Observations
  • Group Discussions
  • Product Promotions
  • Mystery Shopping
5. Management Studies
  • Location Studies
  • Retail Outlet Studies
  • Pre & Post Sales Studies
  • Dealer Evaluation Studies
  • Dealer Identification Studies
  • New Product Development

As is important, while applying the most appropriate technique (primitive , advanced or sophisticated tool, as applicable) ; we convey the meaning of the results in the marketing language.

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