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We are bonafide corporate life members of Institution of Engineers and Institution of Valuers, well versed in methods and practices of costing and valuation.

Institution of valuers, Delhi, India
Costs and its components are worked out scientifically and methodically. It is as per the laid down related norms and principles. Valuation of material, machinery and premise is undertaken by chartered engineers. Subsequent to detailed study, a comprehensive certificate to the effect is issued by us.

Upon appointment as authorized valuers by the client, we accomplish the assignment as per the norms of Ministry of Finance - Government of India / Institution of Valuers. Approved scale of fees is charged for valuation. The certificates are issued as per the respective formats for Immovable property (F01), Agricultural lands (F02), Plantations (F03), Forest (F04), Mines (F05), Stocks & Securities (F06), Machinery and Plant (F07), Jewelry (F08), Works of Art (F09) and Life interest & Expectancy (F10).

For a pre-determined and specified purpose, valuation of property is undertaken by authorized valuers. The certificate to the effect of valuation of property is issued as per the prescribed forms and formats. It may be for immovable property, agricultural land, plantation, forests, mines & quarries, machinery & plant, jewelry, work of art and life interest.

Costs are conditioned by age, usages, application, depreciation, source, material and technology input. The assignments are attended by specialist cost consultants.
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